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Our Guarantees

Your 5 year LifeSpace Homes builders’ workmanship guarantee kicks into action the day you move in. We also guarantee that fittings and appliances have been installed according to manufacturers’ instructions.

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The Registered Master Builders Federation (RMBF) represents New Zealand's premier building and construction companies, who pride themselves on delivering the highest quality houses and buildings.  We have been around since 1892 and we are proud of our heritage


Our member companies employ more than 15,000 staff and subcontractors, and complete two thirds of all construction work (by dollar value) in New Zealand.


The Registered Master Builder brand is a recognised hallmark of quality, and our members are proud to have this mark standing behind them to validate the quality homes and buildings they build.


We are represented regionally by 22 Local RMB Associations spread throughout the country.  This enables us to have all the necessary checks and balances available on the ground to ensure that our members remain the ‘best of the best’ in the industry.  This also ensures that our builders are provided local support and networking opportunities to share best practice with their peers, which in turn, filters down to their clients’ building projects

The Master Build Guarantee


Whether building a new home or renovating - ask your builder for the Master Build Guarantee.

The Master Build Guarantees are the most comprehensive products available on the market.  Only a Registered Master Builder can offer our Guarantees – the best products being offered by the best builders!


Our Guarantees cover residential building work with a contract price of $25,000 and over and cover full-contract, labour-only and managed labour-only work carried out by a Registered Master Builder. Work by subcontractors, as well as materials and rot is covered, but conditions apply.


It is important to note that the Guarantee is not automatic upon hiring a Registered Master Builder – you must complete the documentation with your builder and ensure that it is sent through to Master Build Services.


The Products


The 10 Year Premium Guarantee


The 10 Year Classic Guarantee


The 7 Year Guarantee


Why choose a Master Build Guarantee?


To protect you against loss of deposit, non-completion, defective workmanship, rot and structural defects or if your builder is unable or unwilling to put things right. The Master Build Guarantees give you added peace of mind just in case things end up out of your control.


How do you apply?


Your Registered Master Builder will offer you a Master Build Guarantee.  If they don’t, then ask for one.  The Application Form must be detached from the Guarantee Agreement and completed and signed by you and the builder. The builder must then send the form to Master Build Services for approval.


How do you know if you are covered?


Once approved, Master Build Services will send you an acceptance letter (usually within 14 days). Make sure you keep this and the Guarantee document on file for future reference.  If you do not hear from Master Build Services within 14 working days, or have any additional queries, please call 0800 269 119.


Make sure you read the information and the Terms and Conditions of the Guarantee document carefully. If you have any queries either discuss them with your builder or phone Master Build Services on 0800 269 119.


When the building work is finished, both you and your builder need to sign a completion form and forward it to Master Build Services. This ensures that the ongoing cover once the building project is finished will be provided.


What if things go wrong?


If you think there's a problem with the work, contact Master Build Services before making any further payments to your builder. The Guarantees won't cover you for any significant defect or incomplete work known to you at the time of final payment, or possession of the dwelling.

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